Friday Favorites – Beauty


Happy Friday! Have a picture of a cake because why not! And have a list of some of our (yes our - he has some too) favorite beauty products of late. I've never been a super girly girl when it comes to beauty. I like to keep it low maintenance and in fact have just recently started learning about things like dry shampoo and that I don't look like a hooker in the right shade of lipstick. ;) On the husband front, he is all about having a "skin regimen" now for his face. We are learning to be grown ups together - ain't that cute! 1. Jeff Chastain created a line of haircare products sold exclusively by Birchbox - PARLOR. We've only tried the reworkable hold paste so far, but it's uh-mazing! The smell is insanely good, the hold is just right and it doesn't leave your hair feeling stiff or sticky. 2. Have you tried Cargo brand blush? I love the Shimmering Hot Pink - Amalfi. It doesn't seem to be listed on their direct site anymore though - google it though and you'll find it. 3. I kind of hate paying a lot for beauty products unless it's really worth it. So I broke down and tried Benefits' new Roller Lash mascara. Might just be the best mascara I've ever used...I don't use an eyelash curler because it freaks me out too much to have something that crimps things so close to my eyeball, but with Roller Lash you don't even need it. 4. I've developed a lipstick obsession in the last few 6 months or so and have quickly amassed a ridiculous collection. One of my current faves for spring has been LAQA&CO Sheer Lip Lube in Honeypot. It's a pretty and light color for spring that goes on sheer, but with the creamiest dreamiest texture and a hint of mint. 5. So I know I am reeeaaalllly late to this whole dry shampoo party, but thanks to Birchbox I finally tried it AND I LOVE IT. Why did I wait so long?? I was already washing my hair every other day, but with dry shampoo I can extend it a whole nother day and extend my sleep by 10-15 more minutes. That makes this not ...

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