K&R Asian Adventure: Ko Phi Phi Don


We wrapped up our stay in Phuket with a pretty unique bow on our Sea Canoe Excursion...but it was time to say goodbye to Phuket and goodbye to Cindy's family at the villa next door... Now we were headed off to Phi Phi Island! It's pronounced "pee-pee" and believe me, we were hoping it wasn't. But after talking with all the locals, we just went with the flow. Ha! Get it? I'm such a child sometimes. So, you've got to take a ferry to get there from Phuket, for which you can book tickets online in advance or risk purchasing when you arrive. There are two ferry ports in Phuket and also two ports in Phi Phi - Tonsai Pier is the main port though and the one where we arrived. There are many many ferry boat companies traveling to Phi Phi so there are a few different times you can travel, BUT they don't run every hour or anything like that so a bit of planning in advance is needed. We booked our tickets and shuttle pick-up at the villa through Phuket Ferry. I accidentally booked twice and was charged twice because there was no final confirm/submit button, but I was able to send them a message to get it corrected. After a fairly painless check-in process, we grabbed some seats and settled in for the 2 hour journey. Our ferry boat going was quite comfy with lots of cushy chairs and Avatar playing on big screens - there was also an open air top deck where you could get a nice view of the journey, but it was not covered and that sun was HOT. The boat also offered a limited selection of snacks and drinks for purchase. TIP: Their sales people will come around asking if you've got return tickets booked and try to sell them to you then - the price is better or the same as the price on the web, so book at your own discretion, BUT we waited and found a better deal and better time for us with a different ferry boat company in port on Phi Phi. So don't listen or panic when they try to warn you about certain times filling up.  About 90 minutes in, the islands start popping up on the ...

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