Potato Bacon Breakfast Bowl


Oh what to do with those unused potatoes in the pantry?You see, Saturday morning is sacred time in our house. I typically wake up with the dogs in my face asking me to take them out for their morning constitutional. Then I feed them, make a pot of coffee, and head back upstairs to our bonus room where I'll work in about an hour or so of Playstation/corgi cuddle time while Kara sleeps a little while longer. After she wakes up, I head back downstairs and make breakfast. Yes, it's a tradition. I like to make breakfast every Saturday morning. When buying the typical 3lb bag of red potatoes to make Kara's potato salad, we're left with about 1/2lb or so of potatoes. This particular weekend, breakfast hash sounded good to me. I rarely make breakfast potatoes because to get them just right takes a good deal of time and patience. You gotta dice everything up, then you need to let the potatoes cook out all their moisture to get nice and crispy which is a process that needs to be done on med-low heat for quite some time. Cook them too fast on higher heat and they'll be crispy on the outside, but still raw and crunchy on the inside. The thing I love about a good breakfast hash, is using what's laying around. We still had red onion and some cooked bacon from the potato salad. We always have garlic, green onions, and eggs on hand. Today I topped the hash with a fried egg, but you could also crack a few INTO the hash and make a scramble.  [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:20] Feeling even more fancy? Some diced avocado, cilantro, & a dollop of sour cream could make this even more decadent. The beauty of something like this are the endless options. Enjoy and have fun cooking!  ...

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