Kitchen Remodel – Demo & Install

Kitchen Remodel Custom Cabinets sink wall

I'm back talking about the kitchen remodel again!! I know it's been a while - sorry for the delay in finishing these posts. Timing is perfect though since I just finished patching our kitchen ceiling where we had recessed lights installed! Because we were cutting costs wherever possible with this remodel, we decided to do the demo ourselves. We felt confident we could handle it with all the carpet, linoleum and hardwood we had already ripped up ourselves. How difficult could unscrewing a few cabinets really be? Well, it actually proved to be one of the easiest demos to date. Everything came down/up pretty easily and much quicker than expected. We gave ourselves two weeks to demo the kitchen and lay the new floors before Oscar was scheduled to be there to install the cabinets. We got home from the beach and were blessed by the site of full boxes and empty cabinets - my mom had packed up well over half of our kitchen while we were away. We were so incredibly grateful! We ...

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