Brown(e) Vacation 2014 : Beach

Seaside - Coleman Pavilion beach entrance

There’s only so much one can say about a beach, therefore I’ll be a man of few words today. The stretch of beach along 30A is simply gorgeous. Clean, white, powdery sand. Crystal clear aquamarine waters, brilliant sunsents, and warmer water temperatures (that’s the gulf for ya). Suffice to say, our beach days were full [...]

Urban Accents Giveaway & Recipe | Manchego & Roasted Garlic Turkey Meatballs

urban accents - veggie roasters

We’ve recently discovered this wonderful little small batch company in Chicago called Urban Accents. They are doing amazing things with cooking & baking mixes and spice blends like these ginger carrot cake flapjacks that were out of this world. Perfect for a special fall weekend breakfast. They sent us three of their new Veggie Roasters to try [...]

Brown(e) 2014 Vacation : Seaside Foodie Mecca

Great Southern - Grits A Ya Ya

Oh man. This is it. 30A is no slouch when it comes to places to chow down. Look, if you’re not planning on eating within the next hour, just close this window and come back. I am not responsible for teeth marks on your monitors. A brief overview:  A mutual love the Browns & the [...]

Brown(e) Vacation 2014 : Seaside Accommodations

Truman House

Welcome back! I hope you’re ready to dive in to all the goodness Seaside, FL has to offer. Today we’re going to focus on where to stay. There is absolutely no shortage of options for where to stay in or around Seaside, Florida. You won’t find many hotels, motels, or B & B’s. What you [...]

Little Big Meal for Breakfast!

Ginger Carrot Cake flapjack stack

So The Fresh Market, a regional food market and premium quality produce store, has this awesome deal on Thursdays now that they call the Little Big Meal where you can get a complete meal to feed a family of four for $20!! They rotate each month and this month is breakfast for dinner. We love [...]

Kitchen Remodel – Design Time – Counter Tops

rocky tops - granite slabs

Shopping for counter tops was also a labor of love and quite surprising. The bargain shopper in me wanted to find a good deal, but the reality set in as I realized that the price for stone is the price for stone. Bummer! The same type of granite or marble was roughly the same price [...]

Brown(e) Vacation 2014 : Why SEASIDE

Seaside - Coleman Pavilion

Welcome welcome my friends to the first installment of our 2014 “family” vacation!. I say “family” because while we are not directly related to Matt & Erin Browne, we share a similar last name and our friendship has evolved into something greater….like a family.  It was only a matter of time before we vacationed together, [...]

The Dodge

Dodger - Pembroke Corgi puppy - 10 weeks old 2

P.S.: please ignore our lovely sub-floors in some of the photos. As some of you all may know, we were in the middle of a floor remodel when we brought the Dodge home. Great timing, right? Actually, better to have an accident there than on new hardwood floors.  We’d been hoping to expand our little family [...]