Brown(e) Vacation 2014 : Why SEASIDE

Seaside - Coleman Pavilion

Welcome welcome my friends to the first installment of our 2014 “family” vacation!. I say “family” because while we are not directly related to Matt & Erin Browne, we share a similar last name and our friendship has evolved into something greater….like a family.  It was only a matter of time before we vacationed together, [...]

The Dodge

Dodger - Pembroke Corgi puppy - 10 weeks old 2

P.S.: please ignore our lovely sub-floors in some of the photos. As some of you all may know, we were in the middle of a floor remodel when we brought the Dodge home. Great timing, right? Actually, better to have an accident there than on new hardwood floors.  We’d been hoping to expand our little family [...]

It’s Not Just a Kitchen

The other day, I was grilling out on the back deck. The contractor working on our kitchen had just left, Kara was sitting in the breakfast room, and the sun was fighting its way through the overcast clouds. All was quiet and a wave of peaceful contentment washed over me.  I closed my eyes, took [...]

Kitchen Remodel – Design Time

Brown Kitchen - island detail

The final design was a collaboration of our custom cabinet maker, Oscar, my husband and myself. As I’ve said before, we were not changing the layout at all – only adding to it and tweaking things. We also came away from the quoting/cabinet search process with a lot of ideas. To give you a frame [...]

Kitchen Remodel – Decision Time – Cabinets

kara brown armstrong

Making design decisions for a vision you have to imagine in your head is way harder than you think it’s going to be. As I said previously, we knew we weren’t really messing with the layout of the kitchen too much, so that helped a lot. The first thing on my wish list where I [...]

Kitchen Remodel – Inspiration


Last week, we brought you up to speed on how we got to a kitchen remodel now. I thought it might be best before we go into detail on decisions we made to share inspiration for some of those decisions. We both agreed that we wanted a clean, simple, modern design for the kitchen. Being [...]

Disney Fantasy | Eastern Caribbean | Castaway Cay

Disney Fantasy at Castaway

Sadly our (LONG overdue) Disney posts are drawing to a close. But we still have the privilege of sharing a slice of paradise with you. San Juan was neat, St. Thomas was cool, but Disney’s private island was BY FAR the best stop of the cruise. Also, you want to hear something amazing? We had [...]

Kitchen Remodel – How we got here

photo 1

We are in the thick of a home and kitchen remodel right now, as in trying to quickly lay floor down in half of our downstairs before cabinets get installed. So I thought it was about time to do a kitchen remodel post or two or four. :) Bear with me because this post may [...]