Friday Favorites – Food & Fun


Have you ever really looked at your food? Like really? It can be quite beautiful! 1. I always need to drink my Starbuck Frap through a cookie straw, from now on, ever and ever. Have you tried it yet? I got the S'mores frap last weekend and while it was good, the best part was that darn cookie straw. 2. Speaking of s'mores, the new Oreo s'more cookies are pretty good. They don't beat the cotton candy flavor, but they'll do in a pinch. ;) Check out our friend's honest review. 3. So does anyone else hate that anytime you try to roast or grill or sear zucchini it just comes out mushy? It never seems to really crisp up. Then we made this recipe for baked parmesan zucchini. Seriously one of the best ways I've had zucchini short of yummy sesame zoodles. 4. Yesterday was National Hamburger Day! What's your favorite way to enjoy a burger? With cheese, bacon, mushrooms? We had skinny turkey mushroom swiss burgers for dinner this week - they were so good. 5. How freaking cute are these fake out brownie burgers by bakerella? 6. I need this cake in my life, like yesterday. 6. Dodge had his 1 year check-up at the vet last week. Little guy now weighs a whopping 26.1 lbs. My baby is growing up! 7. New Halestorm album has been in Rem's rotation for a month now. It's very different from their usual sound. It's their third album, they recorded it in one sitting and while it's more raw and aggressive, it really showcases this musical quartet's talent. Give it a listen. 8. Remington bought himself this loop pedal to go with his new amp. He's in love - it's so much fun. In his words "I don't know why it took me so long to get one". Since I am not very musical, this let's him riff with himself and have his own mini-rock concert for an audience of corgis. ;) 9. So Ramsey Snow on GoT may be a worse psycho misogynist than Joffrey and that's saying something, but have you been watching? I mean, my god. I hear the fan base is pretty angry. 10. We are still ...

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