Kitchen Remodel Cabinets Install

Kitchen Remodel – Demo & Install

I’m back talking about the kitchen remodel again!! I know it’s been a while – sorry for the delay in finishing these posts. Timing is perfect though since I just finished patching our kitchen ceiling where we had recessed lights installed! Because we were cutting costs wherever possible with this remodel, we decided to do the…

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Walter State booth

Knoxville’s 4th Annual Biscuit Fest

So the official name is the International Biscuit Festival because our little city is proud of the fact that people come from all over to celebrate a staple of southern comfort food – the biscuit. It really is a week long affair – there is a southern food writing conference, Blackberry Farm biscuit brunch, Biscuit Bash, Biscuit…

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Restaurant Review: Surin of Thailand

First off, let me say, please forgive the iPhone pictures. I was too afraid to look like a tourist in my own city to whip my big ol’ Nikon camera out. So anyway, onto the important schtuff… Surin of Thailand is a newer Thai restaurant in Knoxville’s Bearden district. Situated across from Deane Hill Drive next…

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